A Range of counting scales from OHaus Ranger




What do rugged, high precision counting scales and easy to use features have in common? Perhaps nothing if you’re not referring to the OHAUS Ranger series. This range of compact industrial bench counting scale boasts high performance strain gauge and single block technology; multiple weighing units with gross, net and tare function plus more as standard features.

Expanding on the already popular and rugged collection of high precision bench scales, the OHAUS Ranger series has been upgraded by the addition of more value, extra features and more models. Presenting immense capabilities along with readability selections, the Ranger series is contained in cast aluminium ensuring its use in essentially any industrial environment.

Designed with OHAUS’ user friendly software interface, the feel is dependable and the operation innate. Containing an improved microprocessor and enhanced digital filtering software come together to provide the most precise and prompt reading possible, making the Ranger simple to use.

This range of scales is equipped for any job with the basic weigh models available in waterproofed housing for use in wet conditions. The Count and Count Plus models also have dedicated count keys to quickly access keys such as Sample 10 and Average Piece Weight.

Compact in design with bright backlit display, level bubble and adjustable feet these scales also offer an extensive variety of capacities and platforms ranging from 3kg to 35kg. With built in AC power supply and a factory installed battery option, it’s incredible that these are just the standard features.

The OHAUS Ranger series is available at Base line scales. Providing label scales, precision balances, platform scales, weighing scales and counting scales – Base line scales is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers.