Baby Length Measuring Mats – A comprehensive comparison

Nurses , caregivers and doctors all use baby length measuring mats to measure the length of an infant or toddler. A versatile feature of baby length measuring mat is that it is extremely portable.One can roll the unit into one small piece and transport or move wherever necessary.

A baby length measuring mat or infantometer as it is commonly known , is an accurate and sturdy piece of equipment for measuring the length of  babies. Designed for use in paediatric practices,   a flat  plastic mat where the infant is placed on the mat and the reading is taken from the horizontal board.

The  most popular unit  is the Seca 210 infantometer or baby length measuring mat.

Lets compare the Seca 210 Baby Length Mat with the PH 8011 Baby Length Mat









Seca 210 Features :

Measuring range: 10 – 99 cm,
10 – 99 cm / 4 – 39″

Graduation: 5 mm,

Dimensions (WxHxD) :

1,250 x 140 x 300 mm /
49.2 x 5.5 x 11.8″
Fixed Headpiece , sliding foot positioner

Weight: 575 g

With fitting for storing on wall

Foldable , or rolled up for space saving for storage

 Rugged , easy to clean surface ( with all commercially available disinfectants )                                     

 PH 8011 Baby Length Measuring Mat Features :

PVC material, easy readable, light weight  non-stretch, non-shrinkelc baby length measuring mat

Length measuring mat for child , 0-3 years

Flexible mat provides direct reading in cm and inches

Measuring range up to 1 metre
Accuracy 1 mm
Easy readable in low light working situations
Material, lightweight non-stretch non-shrink, closed-cell plastic foam
Design allows rough handling. Kind to the skin, washable, foldable with fitting for storing on wall: the lightweight, space –saving solution for easy, precise measurement of the length of babies and toddlers while lying down.  The fixed head piece and the sliding foot positioner make it simple to use.


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