Seca Precision for Health

Seca -The brand that understands the medical field.

Nurses , caregivers and doctors share a social responsibility.

With weighing and measuring systems that coordinate the work of medicine.

With proven and new solutions that are specifically tailored to each area of use.

With precise scales that measure accurately even when the weight is not placed in the middle.

With energy saving scales that require so little power that their batteries keep ready for use for months if not years.

User friendly scales that reduce physical effort and save time 

With stable scales that consistently deliver reliable results

The Seca range of products includes baby, column and flat scales with accompanying measuring rods, as well as chair, wheelchair and bed scales. The products are primarily designed for three fields of application: medicine, professional demands such as fitness studios and private users.

All Seca scales are designed to make weighing easier for medical staff and patients , innovatively tailored to the needs of the end user. 

For example , Seca has an extensive peadiatrics assortment to the very important medical monitoring of infants weight.

Or, with the many scales that have an integrated BMI function that reacts to one of the most significant health risks .

Or with special chair scales that includes fold away armrests and foot rests ideal for use in frail care units.

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Quality and precision

The secret of the Seca scales success lies, right from the start, in the durable high quality and precision of the products. As early as the first half of the 20th century, practically every doctor knew and used the mechanical scales with the red stroke. Incidentally, the name “Seca” has been protected since 1897 and originates from the Latin “secare” = to cut.  
At Seca when they say “Nothing weighs more than life,” they are referring to more than their measuring instruments and scales.

Medical Line –

Weighing and measuring for medical use
Seca offers the perfect scale or measuring instrument for prevention and therapy in hospitals and medical practices. Every individual product is not only designed to accurately calculate weight, but also to make the everyday work of doctors and nursing staff easier. For example, disabled patients can hold on to the railing of the seca 644/645 hand rail scales for stability. And sitting and standing is no problem with the seca 959/954 chair scale thanks to the swivelling armrests and footrests even for patients whose movements are restricted.
Special attention has been devoted to  baby scales and instruments for measuring the length of children for every gram and every millimetre that counts.

Safe cradle moulds, the finest gradation and numerous additional functions that make weighing little ones particularly user-friendly go without saying.

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Specialist Line –

Weighing and measuring for professional use
Seca has also made a name for itself in the fields of fitness and rehabilitation. In addition to the high precision, users appreciate the durability and reliability of their products.

In rehabilitation, platform scales with large weighing surfaces offer ample space for all wheelchair users. Ramps and extremely flat weighing surfaces make using the scale child’s play.









Private Line –

Weighing and measuring for home use

The special competence in weighing things is also reflected in the range of products for private use. High-quality, user-friendly products that have won multiple design awards in a background of the continuing trend towards wellness and body awareness are in as much demand as ever.

For a catalogue on Seca Products :

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Baseline Scales – Suppliers and marketers of durable baby scales , chair scales ,  medical scales , and medical measuring equipment across Cape Town and Southern Africa .

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