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Baseline Scales 2013 premium scales suppliers

We’re entering the quiet but busy part of  the year, whittling down issues to bring you all of the new features you’re excited about with the quality and  stability you expect from trusted scales suppliers of weighing instruments.  There are just a few days to the holiday season, we`re also excited about some new enhancements planned for 2014, so the focus is on identifying any market demand  with a comprehensive line of high-performance balances and scales that continually meet our customers’ weighing needs.

Due to growing demand , we have finally registered with the companies registrar as scales suppliers.

The year 2013 in review :  well most new product developments came from Ohaus Corporation .

The start of September 2013 was the official  launch of the Valor 7000 Series compact food scale.

The entire line offers multiple connectivity options to meet advanced data transfer needs.  RS232 is standard on all models and optional 2nd RS232, Ethernet, and USB are available.

You can read more here :

Also , there are dedicated sites now for the Ohaus Explorer range of high capacity , analytical scales and precision balances as well as the new Ranger series counting scales and Navigator Compact scales.

Here’s a time you can: download release brochures in high definition and use it in as many ways as you can imagine.

Most of these products have not officially been launched here in South Africa yet , so here`s  hoping 2014 will be the year of all things better .

If you’ve ever wondered about how to contribute to the site we`ve tried  to make it as interactive as possible . For a review , which is always appreciated , visit our google plus page  –    good or not so good ( the not so good will help us improve our service ) , here’s a time you can: Try to break it down, and if you do, let us know how we did .

If you think you’ve found a bug in your scale, you can post your request to to and we will see if we can find you the support  you are looking for.

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