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Ever wondered where that device that is called a WEIGHING scale originates from? 

Well the answer is too vast and wide to answer directly , but one country that `out performs` in terms of manufacturing is China.

By the way , China also boasts the largest e commerce market in the world.

“China is a country of dramatic change, political intrigue, and dynamic economic growth.“
Kristie Lu Stout – CNN Anchor

For example  The SOLAR PANEL Industry recent survey :

 A study of the photovoltaic industries in the US and China shows that China’s dominance in solar panel manufacturing is not driven solely by cheaper labour and government support, but by larger-scale manufacturing and resulting supply-chain benefits.

The study shows that the density of production and the cost-benefit of using local suppliers give a China-based manufacturer access to cheaper materials and machinery. These scale and supply-chain advantages provide a China-based solar panel factory with a significant MSP advantage of $0.28 per Watt.

Even some of the worlds most popular high quality scale manufacturers have factories in China.

The main criteria one would need to take a look at is the word on everybodys lips : Quality ( oh sorry was that the price ? )

Yes , indeed one needs to gauge what are you willing to pay to get a top quality product or is quality really neccesary for the application at hand or the weighing task anticipated.

As a supplier of scales and balances one cannot ignore the vast China Manufacturing and supply market coupled with the demand for lower cost branded products.

Below are some of the scales we have tested recently :


jcbs desktop scale_2


nld platform



jcs counting scale 2 jcs counting scale


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