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  • 18th
  • Dec

Weighing Scale and Data Logger

Save and Retrieve

Weighing Data Logger  AD-1688   ISO  9000 CERTIFIED …Clearly a Better Value

The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!
Dual Interface

An RS-232C  interface to import weighing data from an A&D balance or scale and a USB interface to export the data to…

  • 05th
  • Dec

Portable Weigh Pads – Axle Weighing

Axle Weighing


portable weigh pads1


The L15B  weigh pads are a complete portable axle weighing solution for overload control or loading activities. Businesses who might require this include: transporters,…

  • 04th
  • Nov

Worry-free Weighing – Thanks to Intelligent Efficiency

Worry Free Weighing

StatusLight™ – Balance Ready

The StatusLight uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance.

xse 1

Green means ready, yellow is a warning and errors are shown with red. The clearly visible light communicates if the balance is ready for you to start your weighing task.

Eliminating Charge – Sample OK

  • 28th
  • Oct

Is BIA the new BMI ? Weighing Scales News

Article adapted from Mail Online October 2014 issue

Time to throw out the weighing scales and track your body fat instead of your weight ? Why the experts say BMI is redundant

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Body Mass Index ( BMI ) has been used for years to measure whether we need to watch what we’re eating.

  • 20th
  • Oct

OHaus MB 25 Moisture Analyzer

The Immaculate collection

Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content, the O Haus MB Series Moisture Analyzers incorporate state-of-the-art heating and weighing technologies that provide fast and accurate results. Perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries; versatile and rugged enough for continuous operation in food and beverage, quality control, environmental and many other…

  • 09th
  • Oct

Seca 222 Wall Mounted Measuring Rod

Seca  222
Mechanical telescopic measuring rod with large measuring range up to 230 cm
Specially developed for wall mounting, this measuring rod is aligned to work exactly to the millimeter from head to toe.
Its broad measuring slide and…

  • 07th
  • Sep


The Economical Solution  for Challenging Industrial Environments Immediate status indication

The BBA 236 stainless-steel scale from Mettler Toledo is a robust and cost-effective scale for versatile use in any dry and short-time wet industrial environment. As a true one-for-all solution, the BBA 236 is designed for a wide range of weighing tasks. It is a cost-effective choice for out-of-the-box straight…

  • 18th
  • Aug

Seca 514 mBCA Medical Body Composition Analyzer

Where BMI ends, seca mBCA begins.....

Medically valid, medically precise, medically useful.

The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) by seca breaks down weight into body compartments relevant to the practice of medicine, namely, Fat Mass and Fat-Free Mass, Body Water (made up of extracellular water and intracellular water) and Skeletal Muscle Mass. Measurements are processed by six analytical modules…

  • 09th
  • Aug

CS Portable Balances


When Cost Matters And Dependable Results Are A Must!GET QUOTE

The OHAUS CS Compact Scale is a lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in laboratory, industrial, education and home use applications. Applications can include forensic testing, quality control,…

  • 02nd
  • Aug

Electronic Apparatus NRCS Specification

Plugged In ?

Compulsory specification for the Safety of  Electrical and Electronic Apparatus – VC8055

As you may know the South African Government requires scales to be tested and certified to meet the product electrical safety requirements. Many shipments into South Africa have been refused clearance due to importers not having the correct documentation required by NRCS.

As a…


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