Brand New Weigh Beams

Brand new weigh beams

A brand new piece of apparatus has recently been added to the extensive range of materials handling equipment at Pallet Trucks UK. The Salter heavy-duty weigh beam with 5000 kg capacity is a great alternative to static weighing scales and can drastically streamline working processes on the factory floor.

Where items are difficult to manoeuvre or situated in a tight spot, weigh beams are used to weigh them efficiently and easily. Highly portable and easy to use, the brand new Salter weigh beams can be used to record the weight of everything from pallets to long lengths of pipe, with provisions for awkwardly shaped cargo or unwieldy loads that are difficult to weigh or transport using a pallet truck.

Many workplaces rely on weighing systems in order for their logistics to function efficiently. Deliveries often need to be weighed, and their statistics logged, before they can enter the redistribution sector. Goods which will be stored must be weighed in order to calculate how many can be held within a certain shelving unit, and weight restrictions on pallet trucks need to be considered when there are goods to be transported. In some of these cases, a weighing scale pallet truck or a set of static scales are not appropriate; space limitations can restrict movement and certain loads may be more difficult to manoeuvre than others. For these occasions, weigh beams are an efficient and simple alternative.
The brand new Salter beams available from Pallet Trucks UK come pre-calibrated and are simple to set up and use straight out of the box. They are designed specifically for ease of use, with large LCD displays showing 1-inch high digits which can be read clearly from average distances. A mains-rechargeable battery gives the beams the power and the display unit the power it needs to function, and also provides the portability which makes the beams so effective. They take up so little space and require so little effort to use, with each beam weighing in at just 16.5kg, that they are a powerful, time-saving addition to any workplace.

The beams are powder coated and the head display unit is stainless steel encased, making these weigh beams tough enough for for use in environments where they might encounter adverse conditions, such as factories, distribution centres or warehouses.

A powder coating helps to protect the beams from rust and corrosion, ensuring that they will remain in prime condition for many years to come. Two beams are provided in each set so that wide items can be weighed quickly and easily, and stability is offered through rubber feet on the underside of the beams. Time and space are two of the most important constraints upon any business’ resources, and they can both be improved upon with the use of the new Salter weigh beams.

Baseline Scales are suppliers of portable industrial weigh beams for agricultural and warehouse weighing applications in South Africa.

Applications can be manufactured and customised to specifications.

Source :  http://www.mhwmagazine.co.uk