Crane Scales – Hanging Scales From the ground up

Crane Scales can offer incredible benefits to any shipping , warehouse , machinery lifting or container operation.

Weighing items have come about a lengthy way from the original, `see saw` sort of weighing process.

Ten plus years ago, a crane scale would take place to be comparable to some large dial sort of scale that is made almost entirely of springs and levers.

Modern weighing items using the latest technology, crossing borders that provide microchip processors etc… however on the center of any crane scale is a part called a ` loadcell.`

In simple terms a loadcell is a device that converts a mechanical movement into an electric signal.

This could be made essentially of metal and sensors called strain gauges ( normaly wired into an electric circuit ) which draws energy from the circuit board and, in return, offers a milli volt signal that is processed and offers a precise reading through the direction of a display.

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Crane scales are essentially engineered for all types of commercial products and could be found in various types of factories , warehouses and commercial applications today.

The external shell is normally produced from commercial grade metal or heavy duty aluminium, which provides good durability and protection of the crane scale.

Smaller potential crane scales for standard commercial use are designed from aluminium or even plastic , less costly from the additional heavy duty, metal construction.

As with most weighing scales, two types of displays are used

LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display ) which is extremely effortless to review in sunlight lumination conditions and perfect for outside use.  

or LED ( Light Emitting Diode) for use indoors. 

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Most crane scales offer a built in rechargeable battery , which allows the scale to be used in areas where power is not available.

Energy is supplied by means of an internal rechargeable battery, with today’s engineering can give you up to sixty several hours battery lifestyle when constantly working.

The latest crane scales have an optional remote that can be used from lengthy distances and still provide the functions that are required from the ground.

Functions such as : zero/ tare ( deduct the weight of a hoist etc. ) and display hold functions.

On some models the rotating hook can be provided with safety catches that ensures stability and keeps the suspended item securely in place.

Hooks are normally made of steel for added reliability and durability.

Liquid Crystal Display crane scales draw much less energy from the battery and give a higher working lifestyle.

Some crane scales have an auto shut off function which can help preserve battery power.


Modern crane scales provide many different features to allow the operator to attain good static weighing performance, without being subjected to the impact of swaying, an adjustable filter can also allow the operator to adjust the stability depending on the environment in which the crane scale is being used.

Operators also are in a position to change the display to show from kg’s to Lbs ( pounds ) as well as `sustain` or hold the display on some particular models should  you need this feature.

There are numerous different  capacities and resolutions to decide on from,  listed here are some examples.

– Capacity  1.5 Ton x 0.2 kg increments

– Capacity 3 Ton x 0.5 kg increments

– Capacity 5  Ton x 1 kg increments

– Capacity 10 Ton x 2 kg increments

– Capacity 15 Ton x 5 kg increments

Crane scales normally possess a safe overload feature of 120% of the potential maximum capacity or optimum overload for protection to prolong the lifestyle in most cases.

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A crane scale is the perfect device to accurately mass large objects that need to be controlled and packaged in a safe manner. One of the most difficult aspects of measuring art pieces is that they can be extremely fragile and too delicate for most machinery to handle. When Miss Zay first contacted BelowTheHookWarehouse.com, she asked how she would possibly handle a task such as the one above.

Lightweight and portable crane scale

Lightweight and portable crane scale


” They’re actually pretty cool , creative and help you  finish whatever you’ve got going on.” 

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