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Different Types of Scales

There many different types of scales , below is a list of the most popular and their relevant uses :

Lab balances are used in the measurement of small weights ranging from micrograms or milligrams to a few kilograms. . Laboratory balances are mostly used in food research laboratories, chemical research laboratories, manufacturing research laboratories, pharmaceutical research laboratories and other research laboratories.

The different types of balances –  micro analytical and semi micro analytical balances can weigh objects normally up to 120 – 300 grams. Semi micro analytical scales have an accuracy 0.0001 grams and analytical balances  an accuracy of 0.01 milligrams , however some precision scales can weigh objects between 1 g – 60 kg , depending on the accuracy required for example : O Haus™ Explorer precision scale has a Capacity of 35 kg accuracy 0.1 gr  These can measure tiny objects such as dust and lint and still be able to weigh larger products such as gold bullions , normally used in the mining sector.

Floor scales can be used for both industrial and general purposes. Big industries use floor scales to measure the weight of their metals and other heavy objects.

Bathroom weighing scales are mostly used at homes.

Bathroom scales can also be used in fitness centers and health clubs. Some bathroom scales can also be used to measure body fat %.

UM 051

Large floor scales have capacities from 1 500 kg to more than 3 ton.

Drum scales have slightly smaller capacities that can weigh from 60 kg to 600 kg , frequently used for bulk weighing and batching liquid.

Bench scales are used in production facilities and have certain features like rechargeable batter power, adaptor, auto shutoff, low battery indicator etc.

Bench scales have capacities which range from 15 kgs to 150 kg , these are normally used on a raised platform or desk in a production facility plant . 

Truck scales are used to measure the weight when the object is loaded onto a truck. Once the scale is installed, it cannot be moved .  In South Africa they are called or known as weighbridges.

Truck scales are mostly used in mines or quarries, recycling plants etc. Truck scales can be used by selling or charging by weight over the `bridge` and check weighing both axle weights and gross vehicle weights.

Economic digital scales are used to calculate small amounts in the kitchen. It is recommended that an economic digital scale will give you accurate measurements. For smaller recipes for example , if there is smaller difference between 1 gram and 5 grams of cinnamon it could make a considerable difference in the final product. Restaurants normally use these scales in their food processing kitchens.

Pocket scales are versatile , portable and can be carried literally in pockets. These are mostly used in military and building construction applications. These can weigh items up to 200 – 300 grams , depending on the model.

Industrial scales are mostly used in automotive and trucking, food service, processing, retail, hospitality, agriculture, railroad, engineering and construction.

Jewelry scales are used to weigh pearl, silver, semi precious and precious stones, diamonds, and gold.Carat weighing is very important during the manufacturing process , therefore accuracy for every carat and milligram counts. Designed to meet the needs of gold trade users, the range for example ( pic below ) from Mettler Toledo includes models intended for everyday use by goldsmiths, jewellery manufacturers and retailers.

mettler jp1603


Spring scales are used in many industries. Those with high load capacities are frequently suspended from crane hooks and are known as crane scales and hanging scales.

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