Digi SM 120LL Linerless Scale Printer

A new version of Scale Printer

Linerless Label with Auto Cutter – To create a new business model by an embedded scale

No Backing sheet !
Save 30 % more value per roll of labels
Flexible length of label- Marketing on label
Less wear and tear on working parts
Cuts label according to size
Eco Freindly
Connect to Ethernet
Label saving is 21~26% compared to liner label                                                            
Better waterproof performance
Life span of thermal head improved
Label and receipt printing in one printer
Cloud service
Labels manufactured direct from supplier


Watch video SM -120LL Label Printer Linerless 

Ideal for :

  • Shop floor: Produce  ⁄  
  • Shop floor: Meat  ⁄  
  • Shop floor: Seafood  ⁄  
  • Shop floor: Deli, Prepared meals  ⁄  
  • Shop floor: Bakery  ⁄  
  • Speciality stores  ⁄  

Capacity 15 kg Label size 60 mm x 80 metres – 32 pre set keys

Shipping and Handling and installation excluded



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