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Drum Platform Scale

baselineThe PTM Drum Platform scale from Adam Equipment is a low profile platform  ideal for drums and wheelchairs. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform and the diamond checked platform offers a durable weighing area. With handles and wheels for easy portability the PTM can be  used anywhere it’s needed in a warehouse or medical facility or even on the back of a truck for in field weighing .

Features :                                                                                                                                 

  • Non-slip adjustable levelling feet
  • Four load cell construction
  • Checked plate for added grip
  • Approximately 3 metre long shielded cable                                                                                ptm_500
  • Wheels to allow easy movement
  • Available with a choice of indicators
  • Built in ramps on each side for easy access
  • Flat weighing surface excludes ramps: 580 x 760mm (including ramps 800 x 932mm)

PTM platform scale features a low profile design  for easy loading and unloading. The range  incorporates a non-slip checkered plate for   added grip.  Heavy duty rubber feet support the four loadcells  ensuring quality and longevity of the bases.

The PTM is available with the GK indicator or AE 401 indicator to give a range of different features and functions. The long cable lets the indicator be placed where it is needed out of the way of the platform for easy viewing. The GK  indicator allows for a numeric tare value to be entered where the AE 401 is IP65  sealed for dust and water environments.
With over three decades of experience in the production of weighing equipment you can trust Adam for quality products that offer a range of features designed for many different applications.

Weighing Capacity 500 kg with 3 metre long Cable included.


ptm drum scale image