Electronic Apparatus NRCS Specification

Compulsory specification for the Safety of  Electrical and Electronic Apparatus – VC8055

As you may know the South African Government requires scales to be tested and certified to meet the product electrical safety requirements. Many shipments into South Africa have been refused clearance due to importers not having the correct documentation required by NRCS.

As a major global manufacturer of scales and balances , Adam Equipment products had been tested to meet both the EC and SA standards. However, in South Africa the NRCS decided that the testing must be done in an independent test laboratory.

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Immediately on being made aware of the requirement Adam Equipment submitted equipment to an IEC accredited laboratory knowing that their products met this quality standard. In due course they received the test certificates confirming that their products did indeed meet the standards and  submitted the documentation to the NRCS.

As the manufacturer with their own support centre in South Africa not only are you buying quality products but products that you know meet with the electrical safety requirements.

The NRCS have now issued the Letters of Authority (LOA) for Adam scales and balances

This means that you can have confidence that when you buy from Adam Equipment you are purchasing a product that has been tested and approved to meet the local electrical safety requirements.



  1. When you buy from Adam Equipment you are purchasing a product approved by NRCS as meeting the electrical safety requirements and complying with the law.
  2. Purchasing from Adam means that you can prove that the product has been independently tested.
  3. Your customers will be happy that they can buy a safe / legal product with confidence and peace of mind.


  1. Do you know it meets the safety standards?
  2. When a supplier does not confirm their products are approved should you take the risk, what if it is unsafe and a claim results? A cheap purchase now might prove to be an expensive mistake later.
  3. Some importers are unhappy with a change in the law, why? Do they know they have a problem with the products that they import, do they think that they cannot get them to pass the electrical standards because they are using inferior raw materials  or are they unwilling to invest in the products that they import? The NRCS is allowing some companies to apply for a sales permit valid until the end of 2014 as a grace period allowing goods to be imported. However this is no guarantee that the product will meet the safety requirements, do you want to risk it? 
  4. Do you want to run the risk of supplying an inferior product that you don’t know if it is safe to use or not?

As an independant distributor , we supply the full range of Adam Equipment Scales and Medical Scales throughout Southern Africa.

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