Excellence XS Analytical Balances – Weighing On Air

The Excellence XS™ analytical balance sets new standards in weighing performance.Smartgrid ™, the revolutionary grid weighing pan, sucessfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.
ErgoClips, the brilliant accessories for the grid weighing pan, allow secure placement of all tare vessels – for maximum weighing efficiency.

Main features

Excellence XS Analytical Balances

SmartGrid – the innovative grid weighing pan
SmartGrid, the weighing pan with grid structure, means greater efficiency when weighing. Relative to conventional weighing pans, it presents air turbulence in the weighing chamber with less surface area to act on. Stabilization time is shortened, your final results are available faster. An innovation with a clear-cut benefit: weighing is more efficient than ever before.          


ErgoClips – the unique accessory
Weighing substances into special weighing containers is part of your daily work? Now you can set up your SmartGrid differently for each task. ErgoClips – the special attachments for round-bottom flasks, test tubes, and single-use aluminum pans – engage securely and unshakably in the grid weighing pan. They simplify your work and give you greater certainty when weighing.

Cleaning perfectly solved
The benefits of the grid weighing pan show clearly when you clean your balance. Because SmartGrid is fastened laterally, underneath the weighing pan stays completely free: no openings or gaps. The drip tray under the weighing pan catches everything, and can be easily and quickly cleaned.
The acid- and chemical-resistant draft shield of the XS analytical balance can be completely dismantled. Then the machine takes over: since all parts of the draft shield and weighing pan are washing-machine safe.

Touch screen display for easy operation

The touch screen display makes your balance easy to operate. A small number of keys and softkeys give you direct access to the clearly structured menu. The individually configurable application programs make working with the application simple. For the clear text dialog you have a choice of several languages. An alphanumeric sample identification can be also be input.

Flexibility in weighing
If space is short at the place of installation, the operating terminal can be placed at the side of, or above, the balance. The tilt of the terminal can be adjusted for the light conditions, to ensure good readability of the display at all times.


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XS 105

Maximum Capacity 41 g / 120 g
Readability 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg


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