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Featured Product – Marel M 1100 Grading Scale

Marel M 1100 Packing and Grading Scale

Marel manufactures industrial scales that provide high levels of accuracy, durability and ease of use. Marel’s in depth product knowledge often results in individually integrated solutions that meet specific food processing demands.   

Primarily designed to be used in the food processing fishing industry , the Marel 11 00 grading scale out performs most other packing weighing machines because of its flexible and attention to detail design.



Unbeatable features
• All Marel scales are made of non-corrosive steel to deal with the harsh, wet environments often found in the food industry • there are no visible welding seams,  joints or crevices in which bacteria collect, which helps guarantee the highest levels of hygiene • all scales are compact and sturdy, with a long service life • the unique high-quality construction ensures reliable, precise weighing results.

Main Benefits

Easy to operate
Fast settling time
Robust, hygienic construction

With 15 built-in packing memories and five grading memories, each with nine grades, the M1100 can add positive and reverse grading to its array of user applications.

Built from high-end components, the long-lasting construction of the M1100 meets the strictest food processing industry standards. 

The Marel M1100 is available in several versions, offering a weighing range of 150 g to 2000 kg, depending on the model chosen. At a compact 180 x 140 x 62 mm, the M1100 indicator combines an impressive array of powerful features into a conveniently small amount of space.

The M1100 can operate as a single or dual-range scale, changing from low to high range in response to the load on the platform. The M1100 Series of fast, reliable and compact scales is designed and constructed to suit a wide diversity of weighing operations and environments.


  • Display with under/overweight indicator
  • Available as both single and dual-range scale
  • Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a washdown environment
  • Water-resistant to IP67/IP69K standards
  • Can be operated from 110-230VAC, 24 VDC or D-type batteries
  • Capable of accurately registering and recording weights in 0.5 – 1 sec.
  • Designed for minimal maintenance


  • Material: AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Platform overload protection: Overload protection from all directions
  • Environmental protection: IP67/IP69K (NEMA 6/PW12), wash-down environment
  • Cleaning: Complies with cleaning procedures in the food industry
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
  • Power options: Two or four D-type batteries (80 – 200 hrs)
  • 110-230 VAC 50/60Hz
  • M1100 Indicator                                                              

m1100-10-indicator display features

Available in a wall mounted or column scale version

M1100 PL1000

Platform size: 170 x 250 mm                                                           m1100-6-1
M1100 PL2060 Portable                                                         



Baseline Scales – Suppliers of premium packing, grading, marine and waterproof scales across Southern Africa.

Even in rough waters – stay perfectly balanced with the Marel M 1100 E on board vessel weighing scale


The robust M1100 e ensures very stable, fast and reliable weighing at sea. It has a user-friendly interface, and incorporates a hygienic 316 stainless steel design that is water-resistant to IP67 and IP69K standards.

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