NAVIGATOR™ Portable Scales – The untouchable…

The only scale in its class with touchless sensors that free up your hands

Ohaus raises the bar in value orientated scales…again ! The Navigator Series offers unique combination of features , including touchless sensors,ultra fast response time for use in a wide variety of scales and weighing applications.

Standard Features Include :

Touchless sensors  – Designed with two touchless sensors that free up the hands so you can focus on handling samples.

One second stabilization time – Ultra fast in less than one second provides fast accurate weighing resluts , improving productivity , the weighing job been done much quicker .

Superior overload protection – Mechanical overload protection system that allows the scale to withstand loads up to 400 % of its rated capacity.

This feature prevents damage to the scale that helps withstand undue overload.

LCD LED Display options –  Provides visibility in any condition , indoors or outdoors , the display is designed with numeric segments and unit indicators to make the weighing results easy to read.

Unbeatable Durability –  Constructed of high strength 304 type stainless steel pan and impact resistant ABS Plastic housing that helps the scale to stand years of use.

Rechargeable battery and RS 232 or USB Interface is optional.

Here are a few general applications :

Laboratory and Research

Designed for easy cleaning , precise and simple to use in laboratory environments.

The stainless steel weigh pan can be easily removed , wiped down and replaced. 

Spill resistant housing , percentage weighing modes.

Industry and Manufacturing

Designed to be robust , fast and accurate for ideal use in light medium duty industrial applications , including paint and ink mixing.

Home Office , Commercial Business and Manufacturing

Designed to be tough , portable and reliable ideal for use in shipping and receiving , home office and warehouse environments.

A display hold mode holds the weight for viewing .

Counting and check weighing modes also expand the use for inventory management.

Food Portioning or Deli

Designed for hygiene , low maintenance and durable ideal for food service , portioning and pre – packing.

Multiple weighing units available such as gr  ,oz , lb ( gram , ounce , pound )

Some general specs

Capacity 1600 gr accuracy 0.1 gr  or 3 200 gr accuracy 0.2 gr

Pan size 230 mm x 174

( Navigator XT )

Baseline scales are suppliers of portable scales , compact scales , weighing scales , precision balances for  industry and manufacturing weighing applications across Cape Town and Southern Africa.

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