New Classic MS Semi-Micro Laboratory Balances

Just like Swiss timekeepers Mettler Toledo Balances have become synonomous with quality and durability for precise weighing results.

The new classic MS Semi Micro balances incorporate precision, ease of use and weighing functionality.

The HRT Weighing cell is made in Swizerland , for results that are guaranteed precise and dependable.

The clever ergo draft shield saves time : one can simultaneously open the door with one hand , while using the other to place your sample.

Time is money – everything that accelerates your laboratory work flow will bring savings , provided it does not mean compromise on quality.

Speed of working is about more than balance stabilization time , In fact every detail counts.

Quickly set the date or change the language ? Open the door and place the weighing sample with a single action ? Dismantle trhe draft shield and clean each glass panel ? No problem -The New Classic helps make more efficient use of your time.

The robust metal housing reliably protects the weighing sensor . Also , resistant to most chemicals , including acetone.

Below is a list of standard features :

HRT Weighing Cell   : With two built in weights , for constant accuracy over the entire range.

Fact                             : Fully automatic time and temperature control

Diagnostics           :  Easy running of balance diagnostic tests eg . keypad test , repeatability tests.

Ergo Door                : Covered earlier , the right door can be opened from the left side and vice versa.

Smart Trac             : Very useful feature shows how much of the entire weighing range has been used.

Connectivity         : RS 232 to connect to P.C.

Protective cover :  Protects against scratches and stains

Visit  www.mt.com/new classic for the entire comprehensive range available.

The new classic range from Mettler Toledo offers many innovative features , carefully designed to meet the needs of customers around the world.

One of which should certainly provide the right answer to your specific weighing process.

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