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New Classic Precision Balances

Whether you are carrying out a simple routine task or a complicated weighing procedure, New Classic precision balances from METTLER TOLEDO will impress you with their performance – delivering accurate results within the shortest possible time thanks to the MonoBloc weigh cell and FACT, automatic calibration technology.
The metal housing of the New Classic ML Balances protects the weighing sensor for guaranteed consistency and precision, even with intensive use in harsh environments with an internal calibration adjustment.

Compact and portable ML analytical balances save valuable working space. A balance line featuring ergonomic design, a brilliant display, a clear user interface, multiple built-in applications, battery operation for full mobility, and of course, good weighing performance and robustness.

Products and Specs

Products                                                           Maximum Capacity                   Readability

ML54  Analytical Balance                                      52 g                                         0.0001 g

ML104 Analytical Balance                                  120 g                                         0.0001 g

ML204 Analytical Balance                                  220 g                                        0.0001 g

MonoBloc and Adjustment Inside

NewClassic ML balances have everything a basic balance needs: an ergonomic design with a brilliant display, easy-to-clean glass draft shield, an intuitive user interface, multiple built-in applications, battery operation for full mobility for guaranteed consistency and precision year after year.

The proven high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell guarantees a long service life, while internal adjustment provides a quick, convenient way of adjusting the balance with just one keystroke.



Brilliant Backlit Display

Even under extreme lighting conditions, the numbers and symbols can be read easily and accurately on the brilliant backlit display.

ml classic mettler toledo


Durable Construction

A supplied protective cover encloses the entire housing, protecting the balance inside from stains and scratches. The solid metal base and high quality materials provide assurance that you can rely on accurate results for many years to come.

Easily Portable

With or without power supply – every model in the ML range can operate from a battery or AC mains supply. Many applications and precise results are always at your fingertips.

battery compartment


Direct Connection

Connect your balance to a PC via the RS232 port, and transfer your weighing results to open programs such as Excel. The transfer starts automatically, no additional software is required.

pc connection


With its wide range of applications you will discover the compact  New Classic balance to be a
comfortable all-rounder, delivering precise results in every environment: In laboratories, warehouses,
classrooms or in field work. Call Baseline Scales for your free quote anytime .