New Release Ultrasonic Health and Fitness Scale

Adam Equipment have developed and released a new Ultrasonic Physician Medical Fitness Scale.

A patients height measurement is taken without the need of a tape measure.

The Ultrasonic sensor measures the height up to 210 cm and automatically calculates the BMI. ( Body Mass Index )

( MUW Health and Fitness Scale ) 

Readings are taken without having to touch the patient.

The bright backlit LCD Display shows all the data on one screen without having to scroll through readings.

Solid construction with cast iron base , aluminium pillar and 5 rubber feet for added stability.

Capacity is 300 kg with other key features :

Non slip platform

RS 232 interface for connection to printer

BMI Function for body mass Index

Rechargeable battery operation

Weighing units include pounds , ounce, kilogrammes

Measures height in feet , inches and centimetres

Three lines of text : weight, height and BMI

On the negative side : Probably only the price tag

New Release , so performance can only be traced with  time 


Baseline Scales are suppliers of medical health and fitness scales across South Africa.