OHaus Pioneer Analytical Balance

The Best Balance for Basic Weighing !

The Ohaus Pioneer™ Series of analytical and precision balances are designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory and educational applications.

With the right combination of performance and features , The Ohaus Pioneer offers uncomplicated performance for basic weighing needs.

Standard Features Include

Easy to clean draft shield – Pioneers draftshield is designed with glass panels . including three sliding doors.

All panels are easy to remove and replace , together with a stainless steel diameter pan make it easy to clean.

Upfront Level Indicator – The balance has been designed with an up front level indicator , users can quickly ensure the balance is level prior to use.

Selectable environmental settings – Three filter modes adjust zero tracking , adjust balance sensitivity to environmental conditions.

Flexibility of available options – Ensure accuracy with internal calibration . 

Multiple application modes and units – Pioneer offers basic weighing , parts counting and percentage weighing.

RS 232 Interface   – Allows connection to printer or computer

Weigh below hook – Allows you to suspend an item below the balance to calculate density / specific gravity.

PA 214 – 210 grams x 0.1 mg.

PA 410 – 4 100 grams x 0,01 gr.

Next Generation of OHAUS Scout Balances

Posted by OHAUS Corporation on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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