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OHAUS Corporation manufactures and markets an extensive line of scales and balances that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need.

Extensive industry knowledge have resulted in a comprehensive line of high-performance scales and balances that continually meet customers’ weighing needs. OHAUS products offer the highest level of quality and value in their class.

Every balance and scale is carefully designed and crafted with the demands, trends, and expectations of the industries served in mind. Careful consideration is taken in the way  products are expected to perform and the value they are expected to bring to the job, and each and every one of these weighing instruments meet or exceed these expectations.
 Products are built to be durable, highly reliable, easy-to use and  require minimal setup, offering efficient ways to produce accurate results with each use.
Practically every industry that requires a balance or scale as an integral part of their operations will find an OHAUS product that can provide the necessary results. A robust product portfolio offers weighing equipment that can provide benefits across every facet of every industry served.





One of the global leaders in the laboratory, education, industrial channels as well as a host of specialty markets, including food preparation, pharmacy, retail and jewelry industries.  An ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS products are precise, reliable and produce consistent weighing results.

For more than a century, businesses in countless industries have looked to OHAUS weighing equipment to meet their business’ weighing needs and provide an answer to certain challenges through durable, precise, and easy-to-use balances and scales.

The following application stories detail how various companies have incorporated OHAUS scales and balances into their business processes and in turn have improved the quality and accuracy of their work.

Businesses of all sizes and varied needs utilize OHAUS balances and scales for many applications, and the following stories represent only a small group of companies that have found success as a result of utilizing OHAUS products.

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We will assisst in helping you find a product that can provide the weighing results you need to improve operations and reduce costs.


The electronic balance, an essential weighing instrument in most modern pharmacies, is often used to measure extremely fine amounts of pharmaceutical elements required for compounding. Electronic balances must produce repeatable and highly accurate results. 

Certified with NTEP’s certificate of compliance, the Explorer® Pro 410g/100g x 0.01g/0.001g (Model EP413DCN) dual-range unit is recognized as a leading balance for use in pharmaceutical compounding.  This model, which is equipped with a three-door draft shield that ensures precise weighing in a pharmacy setting, can be used for weighing up to a total capacity of 410g.  An RS232 port is included so that a printer can be attached for Good Laboratory Practice record keeping.  Automatic Internal Calibration (AutoCal™) enables the operator to calibrate the balance with simple keystrokes; no external calibration weight is required.  The Model EP413DCN detects the slightest environmental changes that affect its performance and automatically calibrates the balance, or the software can be set to prompt the user to manually push a button that calibrates the balance.

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