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Pallet Jack Scales – Maximize efficiency

Pallet Jack Scales :  Maximize efficiency by saving time & money

 When considering buying a new pallet jack, it’s the worth the time to stop and consider if purchasing a pallet jack equipped with a scale might be a good investment for your business. A pallet jack scale gives the added benefit of providing precise weight measurements for unit loads on the spot wherever the load is being picked up or delivered.

How it works :

Once the weight is stabilized and fully loaded onto the forks of the jack, the scale can then provide an accurate weight measurement of the unit load. The scale comes with large, easy to read displays that make recording weights quick and accurate on the job. Most scales easily convert between pounds and kilograms, a nice feature to have depending upon the shipping needs of your business. In addition, there are pallet truck scales on the market that come equipped with a printer that records weight, time, and date. This makes for easy on the spot attachment to unit loads.

Advantages :

Standard floor scales can be very costly and take up valuable warehouse floor space. Batching together the transportation and weight measurement steps streamlines the delivery process and helps maximize efficiency, saving both time and money. Once the load has been elevated and weighed, the jack moves the pallets with as much ease and functionality as any standard pallet jack. Pallet Jack Scales also come in a variety of fork sizes, typically Fork size: 160 ( width ) x 1 150mm  ( length ) with weight load capacities of up to 2,000 kgs.

Cost :

Pallet Jack scales are more expensive, but if you are looking for both a pallet jack and a pallet scale this could be a great alternative. A workflow analysis of your current delivery process may show that a pallet jack scale may be a cost effective alternative for your business.

Energy :

Most scales come equipped with a rechargeable battery that has the ability to operate up to 60 hours.

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