seca 217 stable mechanical stadiometer

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Technical Data

Measuring range in cm: 20 – 205 cm
Measuring range in inch: 8 – 81 “
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm / 1/8 inch
Measure (W x H x D): 328 x 2145 x 574 mm , 12,9 x 84,4 x 22,6 inch
Net weight: 3,6 kg , 7,9 lbs
Functions: Mobile measuring and weighing



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Seca 217

Stable stadiometer for mobile height measurement

All this lends the stadiometer an exceptionally high degree of stability – almost the same as a permanent installation. In addition, the adjustable spacer ensures a secure hold without any fittings. Suitable for medical practices and hospitals, the stadiometer is also just right for mobile use, such as examinations of children at school or patients at home. When disassembled, the stadiometer is easy to carry anywhere.




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