Seca 417 Measuring Board

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Measuring Range 10 -99 cm

Graduation 0.2 cm


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Heavy work made light.
T he seca 417 measuring board is the mobile alternative to the seca 416  infantometer. Its fold-up mechanism and low weight make the seca 417  compact and lightweight for easy transport. It is simple to use and, thanks to its smooth surface, easy to clean. Durability and a long service life are guaranteed by high-quality materials.

A hinge joins together the two parts of the  seca 417 measuring board. It has an integrated head piece and a separate foot positioner that  smoothly runs along the gently raised guide rail. For a precise measurement, all the user has to do is place the head of the child against the  head piece, stretch out the legs and move the foot positioner to the soles of the feet.



Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 57.7 × 11.5 × 33.3 cm

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