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Material handling in the transportation and warehousing areas , requires equipment designed both for packing small items and bulk weighing quantities of goods.

A range of platform scales offer an ideal mix of precision for counting , inventory and check weighing applications as well as durable bench and floor weighing applications for warehousing and shipping.

With all the different types of platform scales , various makes and sizes , its very easy to be left scratching your head with one profound question remaining.

What is the best platform scale for my application out there ?

Well , the most expensive platform scales are not necessarily the best on the market or the best suited for your application.

Generally you get what you pay for , but with a little knowledge you can make sure you only spend what you need to for your desired application.

There are two or three brands out there ( just like you have Sony , Samsung , LG brands for appliances ) OHAUS , METTLER TOLEDO , ISHIDA  ETC. are most common in the weighing industry.

Each brand , one will find specialises in its industry…so there is no `in between.`

Example Mettler Toledo products are synonomous with precision , however their products are not commonly found in supermarkets driving turnover of FMCG products.

These brands everybody in the weighing industry knows and of course they have a place in the most demanding environments and the most precise applications , but the cost is sometimes prohibitive for many.

Buyers are at most times left with a difficult decision and the danger is they either choose the cheapest product they can find or alternatively be overly cautious and spend more than required.

Platform scales because of their size and cost of raw materials and labour involved are probably some of the most costly weighing equipment you will buy for your business  therefore any purchase decision made should at least be overtly considered.

As an alternative to the high end quality range of the European Brand names Micro Platform Scales are durable and cost effective with a wide range of platform sizes available  in South Africa.

`Approved for trade` versions are also available.

Replacement parts can also easily be sourced and spares such as displays etc. are on hand in case of damage or breakages.

This does save the pocket  , as down time is kept to a minimal and one does not have to take into account the painful import ( check the latest exchange rate and compare the value of ZAR to US Dollar ) as well as delivery costs for spares – normally ex works South Africa depending on your local distributor.

Here is a brief  guideline when considering your purchase.

Indicator ( Display )

What features are available , i.e. does the unit supplied come equipped with rechargeable battery , keypad functions such as zero and tare ,

Set points if needed  , counting functions if needed , Connection to peripheral device needed ?

Bases ( Stand alone Platform Sizes )

What size to consider ?

There are various sizes available : 800 mm x 600 mm or 1 000 mm or  1, 2 m or  1, 5 m floor scale bases.  

Some of which are supplied with one loadcell and others with four loadcells for higher accuracy .

Normally the top end maximum capacity will determine the accuracy eg . a capacity of 1 500 kg will normally have an accuracy of 500 gr .

Or Maximum Capacity of 600 kg normally will have a smaller division of   200 gr. 

Common sense says there is no use purchasing a  5 ton Capacity platform scale and all one really needs is a maximum capacity of    600 kg .


Loadcells are pretty expensive , there are also various makes and types.The quality and capacity will effect the price.

Junction Box

Easy access normally from the top end is a plus.

Delivery and assembly installation costs

These costs might not be included and remain optional.

Bench Platform Scales

Bench platform scales are normally used in packing and warehousing or food environments for check weighing purposes.

A selection  here is merely check the maximum capacity with the smallest division or accuracy required.

What weighpan pan sizes are available , and then what features are needed.

Check Weighing , Counting and Parts Counting ,Dynamic Weighing,Washdown for wet environment                                                             ( IP 68 Waterproof Rating ) etc. etc.

Some manufacturers supply built in rechargeable batteries as standard , others as an optional extra feature.

Finally , please note that this post is merely here to give the purchaser a brief background on platform scales and its uses relevant to the South African market.

I do not endorse any product or brand over another.

Just a guy passionate about scales and its endless uses .

Baseline Scales – Leading distributors , marketers and suppliers of durable platform scales , floor scales , industrial weighing scales , bench scales and precision balances across Cape Town and Southern Africa.

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