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Seca 856 Digital Organ and Diaper Scale

Seca 856 Digital organ and diaper scale with stainless steel cover

High reliability with  protected electronics.                  seca-856_top_PNG_
• Reliable weight determination.
• Easy to clean.
• Energy-saving
automatic switch-off

seca 856:    Precision for safety  and health.
Medicine is precision work. Doctors and medical staff must be able   to rely on the precision and functionality of their measuring devices.   The organ and diaper scale seca 856 is the perfect assistant. The reliable  determination of the weight of organs is indispensable in many medical sectors.   For example, the specific weight of an organ must be determined precisely in the
pathological sector for scientific purposes or in forensic medicine when professional  reports have to be drawn up. In paediatrics (especially in neonatology) weighing soiled nappies makes it possible  to control the vital food intake of newborn and premature infants down to one gram. And in aesthetic and reconstructive   surgery, the precise weight of tissue and other elements can be extremely important for the success of an operation.

High reliability with  protected electronics                     

As the display is slightly raised it cannot soiled by possible leaking fluids

Meets all hygienic  requirements

The Seca 856 has a robust surface of stainless steel .

The seca 856 is as safe and easy to clean as  required in its area of application . As the display is slightly raised, it cannot be soiled by possibly leaking fluids.                 

Reliable measurement of nett weight


The pre-TARE function makes it possible !

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