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  • 01st
  • Sep

High Speed weighing with 2 second stabilization

Optimizing value, the HR-AZ/HR-A series realizes the following three savings:

Fast Stabilization in 2 Seconds
Our widely-recognized Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology now enables you to perform
high-speed, frustration-free weighing even at a resolution of 0.1 mg.
One-Touch Automatic Calibration (HR-AZ models only)
The built-in calibration mass lets you ensure the accuracy of your balance with just one…

  • 23rd
  • Dec

This month`s heads up

  • 12th
  • Apr

Featured Product – Marel M 1100 Grading Scale

Sleek Accurate Fast

Marel M 1100 Packing and Grading Scale

Marel manufactures industrial scales that provide high levels of accuracy, durability and ease of use. Marel’s in depth product knowledge often results in individually integrated solutions that meet specific food processing demands.   

Primarily designed to be used in the food processing fishing industry , the Marel 11 00…

  • 07th
  • Nov

O Haus Scales and Balances Ingeniously Practical

OHAUS Corporation manufactures and markets an extensive line of scales and balances that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need.

Extensive industry knowledge have resulted in a comprehensive line of high-performance scales and balances that continually meet customers’ weighing needs. OHAUS products offer the highest level of quality and value in their class.

Every balance…

  • 31st
  • Oct

Featured Product fx 200 Top Loading Balance

FZ Top Loading Balance

High Functionality You Can Afford” with A&D`s newly developed top loading balance.
The FZ-i/FX-i Series, a new addition to A&D’s precision balances, rivals our GX/GF Series
in performance and quality, but offers higher accessibility, bringing to you a cost-effective
solution for a diverse array of applications.

Newly developed, Air-pump Controlled  Internal Calibration
For the internal…

  • 24th
  • Oct

Compact Balances – A&D EJ Compact Balance

EJ Series Compact Balance

The EJ Compact Balance outperforms other higher priced scales while still maintaining a compact size. These accurate, high quailty, attractive, stackable compact balances units are perfect for applications where portability or limited workspace are paramount.


Unique & Engaging Colour Scheme
Three years warranty
Multiple Measurement Units including a counting and percentage mode
Security Feature for protecting the balance…

  • 17th
  • Oct

Excellence XS Analytical Balances – Weighing On Air

XS Analytical Balances

The Excellence XS™ analytical balance sets new standards in weighing performance.Smartgrid ™, the revolutionary grid weighing pan, sucessfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.
ErgoClips, the brilliant accessories for the grid weighing pan, allow secure placement of all tare vessels – for maximum…

  • 29th
  • Aug

Featured Product Adam CPW PLus L Veterinarian Scale

Veterinarians make use of scales on a daily basis to accurately weigh animals for growth details as well as for administering medicines to the animals.

The veterinary scale has a flat stainless steel surface that can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

Some scales also come with a removable rubber mat so that the animals…

  • 19th
  • Jul

Featured Product – Ohaus Scout® Pro Portable Balance

Portable Balances

The Latest in the Scout® Line of Portable Balances – The Ohaus Scout Pro
Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the Ohaus Scout Pro continues the tradition set by the Ohaus Scout and Scout II products.

Featuring easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of…

  • 25th
  • Jun

A&D Laboratory Catalogue Reference Guide

A&D Announces the Launch of a New Short-form Catalogue Focused on the Needs of Analytical Laboratory Professionals: Laboratory Instruments

A&D Weighing has published a handy reference guide for laboratory professionals, with information on more than 120 laboratory balances, moisture analyzers, viscometers and pipette calibration instruments.

With a wide array of precision and analytical balances, weighing makes…


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