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  • 29th
  • Aug

Featured Product Adam CPW PLus L Veterinarian Scale

Veterinarians make use of scales on a daily basis to accurately weigh animals for growth details as well as for administering medicines to the animals.

The veterinary scale has a flat stainless steel surface that can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

Some scales also come with a removable rubber mat so that the animals…

  • 15th
  • Jul

The Platform Scale – Our Top Seller

Baseline Scales Top Seller

a horizontal surface or structure with a horizontal surface raised above the level of the surrounding area.

source :  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/platform


Often, scales. a balance or any of various other instruments or devices for weighing.

source : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/scales

On a recent survey , the portable light industrial platform scale would be…

  • 09th
  • Jul

Pallet Jack Scales – Maximize efficiency

Portable Weighing Systems

Pallet Jack Scales :  Maximize efficiency by saving time & money

 When considering buying a new pallet jack, it’s the worth the time to stop and consider if purchasing a pallet jack equipped with a scale might be a good investment for your business. A pallet jack scale gives the added benefit of providing precise…

  • 24th
  • May

Crane Scales – Hanging Scales From the ground up

Crane Scales can offer incredible benefits to any shipping , warehouse , machinery lifting or container operation.

Weighing items have come about a lengthy way from the original, `see saw` sort of weighing process.

Ten plus years ago, a crane scale would take place to be comparable to some large dial sort of scale that is…


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