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  • 01st
  • Nov

Mother and Baby scale Charder MS 6111



Nutrition and weight play an important role :

Weight plays a vital role before, after, and during pregnancy. Charder’s MS6111 mother and infant scale delivers outstanding performance and excellent accuracy both before and after the birth of your child. During pregnancy, the scale can be…

  • 31st
  • May

The world is getting taller…but not so much in South Africa

A new global study has shown that the human race has gotten taller over the past 100 years – though South Africans have shown some of the least change.

The study, conducted by Imperial College in London, looked at average height measurements for men and women in 1914, and compared it to data from 2014.


  • 28th
  • Mar

Seca 206 Roll Up Measuring Tape

While measuring rods, stadiometers and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices, they still must fulfill challenging clinical requirements. Whether the devices are for in-patient or mobile use, they all share the same premium quality of the seca brand. A quality you can touch and see – in devices that don’t warp after years of use, and…

  • 02nd
  • Jun

Seca Weighing and Measuring Station

Weighing and Measuring Station

Turn your ON SITE mobile practice into a portable weighing and measuring station. From the global leader in medical weighing and measurements Seca has what it takes and more !

seca 813 and seca 213 .
High capacity digital flat scale for individual patient use.

The seca 813 has an extra wide weighing platform that easily holds up to…

  • 22nd
  • Jan

Baby Length Measuring Mats – A comprehensive comparison

Baby Length measuring mats

Nurses , caregivers and doctors all use baby length measuring mats to measure the length of an infant or toddler. A versatile feature of baby length measuring mat is that it is extremely portable.One can roll the unit into one small piece and transport or move wherever necessary.

A baby length measuring mat or infantometer…

  • 04th
  • Jan

Baby Scale – Weigh Baby and Toddler

Baby and Toddler Scale


Lightweight and portable, Adam Equipment’s new MTB baby and toddler scale offers excellent value and versatility for pediatricians and other healthcare providers. With a capacity of 20kg/44lb, this scale boasts the flexibility to weigh newborn babies and toddlers on the same…

  • 04th
  • Oct

Featured Product MCW Wheel Chair Scales

Wheel Chair Scales

The MCW is a self-contained unit which allows patients to be weighed whilst seated.

 Uses and applications :

Wheel Chair Scales are normally used in hospitals , clinics, nursing homes and frail care environments ,

Below are the listed features 

Large, clear backlit LCD display
Capacity 300 kg
Colour coded, sealed keypad
Hold function
Rechargeable battery / mains adapter supplied as standard…


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