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plat·form [plat-fawrm]
a horizontal surface or structure with a horizontal surface raised above the level of the surrounding area.

source :

scales [ noun ]

Often, scales. a balance or any of various other instruments or devices for weighing.

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On a recent survey , the portable light industrial platform scale would be our most popular seller , by far !!



Lets look at a few reasons :

Versatility   : Because of its raised horizontal structure , the platform sale can be used for a variety of applications   :

1.Weighing for shipping and receiving

2.Agriculture : Used to weigh animal feed 

3. Transportation and logistics ; Used to weigh incoming and outgoing cargo.

4.Medical – Weigh yourself and check your own weight daily , widely used in variety of health clubs and leisure spas.

Portable : One of the strong features – Built in rechargeable battery One can easily transport the scale and use on site.

Load the scale onto your `pick up` or in your car and weigh on the spot .

Value for money     : With its large stainless steel weigh pan and anodised aluminium frame light industrial loads can easily be checked and re checked without effort. 

Easily calibrated      : Most Platform scales can be calibrated using the external keypad button and test masspieces . Within a few minutes the process is completed. 

Various capacities  : The options are Load Capacity of 60 kg / 150 kg / 150 kg / 300 kg

Legal for trade : Need an approved version for trade use ? We have that base covered too !

There you have it , we`re not referring to platform heels , but use them by all means when visiting us or send your enquiry:


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Hi Shane,
We received the scale today.
Thank you for the great service. Got it quicker from you in Cape Town than our local supplier 15 km from us.

Kind Regards / By voorbaat dank,

Production Foreman


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