Uses for weighing scales

The need to weigh objects goes back to when Mediterranean and Asian societies admitted the need for a consistent weighing system around 1000BC. In bartering systems traders had to determine how much goods they required in order to barter for other goods.


To measure the mass or weight of an object, weighing scales are used and although there are many kinds of scales, a modest scale uses a beam and axle to balance a known weight against another weight which is unknown. For quicker and accurate readings, modern weighing scales use digital adjustment.




Weighing scales date back centuries ago with the original scales used for enabling accurate exchange on major trading routes. It is, however, only recently that exceptionally precise weighing methods have been available and the retail, scientific, industrial and medical fields now use scales as vital parts of their work.


In science, chemists frequently deal with compound equations that need substances in specific amounts and diverse concentrations of solutions. For an example, for 1 gram of a 20 percent solution of sodium chloride (table salt), one would need to measure out 0.2 grams of NaCl and 0.8 grams of water, otherwise the solution would not be exactly 20 percent.


Being able to lead a healthy lifestyle means being able to maintain the body’s health and a weighing scale is essential in calculating a Body Mass Index (BMI) which determines whether one is over or underweight. A person’s BMI divides their height by weight and can mean knowing how well within the bounds one is, with the average ranging from 18 – 24.


In commerce an exact scale is important for food industries and restaurants that must portion goods for sale. Vegetables, meat and fruits are typically sold by kilograms and correctly weighing an item can have a substantial influence on the business’s profit.


Weighing scales have become invaluable with advances in technology ensuring that their use can have little to no limitations. For a wide variety on weighing scales check out Base line scales, one of South Africa`s leading scale suppliers.