Weighing Scale and Data Logger

Weighing Data Logger  AD-1688   ISO  9000 CERTIFIED …Clearly a Better Value

The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!
Dual Interface

An RS-232C  interface to import weighing data from an A&D balance or scale and a USB interface to export the data to a PC
(no driver software is required)
Large Memory

Approx. 5,000 weighing data sets (in the A&D standard format) can be stored
Internal Clock

The date and time the data is saved is stored in data

Highly Portable
Small size and IP65 dust and waterproof (with the casing cover)
No Battery Required
Receives power supply directly from a balance, scale or PC

The AD-1688 is especially useful when a PC or printer cannot be placed near the balance or when you need to collect data from multiple balances at different locations (such as in a factory)

Save Carry , Save, Carry, and Retrieve !!













Balances and scales with an RS-232C connector manufactured by A&D Approx. 5,000 data sets in the standard format (15 characters in 1 data set) can be stored
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Not required. Power is supplied by the weighing instrument or PC.
5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F), 85 %RH or less (no condensation)
55 × 103 × 16.5 mm
Approx. 60 g


  • Dual Interface-RS232 to import the weighing instrument data & USB to transfer the data to a PC
  • One year warranty
  • Large Memory-Store up to 5000 sets of weighing data (in the A&D format)
  • Internal Clock-The data can be time and date stamped within the file
  • Highly Portable- Pocket Sized
  • IP-65 Protection-Dust and water resistant with the perspex cover fitted


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