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Worry-free Weighing – Thanks to Intelligent Efficiency

StatusLight™ – Balance Ready

The StatusLight uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance.

xse 1

Green means ready, yellow is a warning and errors are shown with red. The clearly visible light communicates if the balance is ready for you to start your weighing task.

Eliminating Charge – Sample OK

xse 3

The compact anti static kit fixes onto the side of your balance to gently and effectively eliminate electrostatic charge without
causing turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and cross-contamination is avoided.

RFID Solutions
SmartSample™ RFID tags enable secure transfer of titration sample information from your balance to your titrator.
SmartScan™ checks test and calibration dates on tagged pipettes. The built-in application guides you through the pipette
check process

Excellence XSE  Analytical Balances

Exceptionally Hard-working XSE Analytical Balances offer exceptional weighing performance and quality assurance features as well as excellent ergonomics. They are the perfect workhorse solution for a multitude of workplaces.
The innovative StatusLight takes the worry out of weighing. The clearly visible green light lets you know when
it’s safe to start – all tests are up-to-date and the balance is level and functioning correctly. With a wide range of accessories available and multiple connectivity options, XSE balances open up a world of opportunities for different weighing applications.
Designed, engineered and manufactured in Switzerland for outstanding quality you can trust.
XSE105          XS E 104            XSE 205              XSE 204
Maximum capacity       120 g            120 g                    220 g                 220 g
Readability                       0.1 mg          0.1 mg                0.1 mg               0.1 mg

High Resolution Technology Internal Adjustment & Sensitivity Test
Efficient Operation
Color Touchscreen
User Interface in 11 Languages
ErgoClips for Direct Dosing
Easy Cleaning
Smart Grid Hanging Weighing Pan
Smart Trac Guided Dosing to Target
Quality Assurance
Graphical Leveling & Level Warning
MinWeigh Protection
Test Manager
FACT & GWP History
8 Users & Password Protection


Baseline Scales – Suppliers of Mettler Toledo XSE Analytical and Precision Balances across Southern Africa.