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seca 286 ultrasonic

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The Future of Measurement


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 Scales and measuring systems – Exact measurements: as important to life as the air we breathe. 


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seca 284

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mettler ind indicator

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pallett jack PTS_5000A

Desk Top Waterproof Scale

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Pallet Floor Scale


  • Industrial Floor Scales without compromise on quality
  • Checker plated mild steel base with extra tubing thickness
  • Separate LCD Display with back light
  • Low profile , pit mountable
slide floor scales

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Designed to fit your medical practice

In every general practice, a scale holds great importance when it comes to its function and durability. Aside from the scale’s practical role, it provides critical data that constitutes the foundation for good patient care. However, after many years of daily use a scale will experience significant wear. This scale will not…

  • 16th
  • Aug

NEW RELEASE ! SA 150 KA Portable Bench Scale

One scale for both precise (0.001 kg/1 g readability*i ) and high capacity weighing
■ Broad utility for home, office, floor or out in the field

✔ Easy to carry around and/or take aboard a vehicle to use at various locations
✔ Low profile (approx. 73 mm) that can be stored in narrow spaces…

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Micro Analytical Balance BM Series from A&D

It was a cold winter day in Cape Town. The sun was just beginning to rise – ready for a race and when we departed for site.

A drive of about 45 minutes , we arrived with students changing classes on the campus  , with a bristle of University  activity.

We proceeded with our item to…

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  • May

Seca 284 Wireless measuring station for height and weight

Seca 284 Wireless Weighing and Measuring Station

The 360° wireless measuring station seca 285/284 weighs and measures in a single step. Other benefits include the high capacity scale integrated in a stable glass platform, the heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated seca Frankfurt Line — for precise head positioning. Not to mention the two displays. One is for…

  • 05th
  • Mar

What is the correct way to measure a baby?

Precise Measurement Made Easy

The exact measurement of a baby’s length or a small child’s height is important for early diagnosis of growth disorders. There are more than 450 types of growth challenges that must be detected early on. Furthermore, measurements provide essential information about the patient’s health and nutritional status.

  1. Children are measured while lying down until they…

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