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Custom Made 1 Ton Cast Iron Weight

Custom made 1 Ton Cast Iron Weights.
Forklift Support
Hook for crane load testing
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Our most recent installation Call Us Baseline Scales 083 452 6455

Baseline Scales 083 452 6455

Baseline Scales 083 452 6455

Baseline Scales 083 452 6455

Baseline Scales 083 452 6455


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Seca Press Release

A strong partner – in the time of Covid-19 too

– While the whole world is attempting to slow down the number of new infections with coronavirus, we are concentrating on protecting our employees and instituting measures to make sure our production in Hamburg remains fully operational. Our production site in Hangzhou…

  • 01st
  • Nov

Mother and Baby scale Charder MS 6111



Nutrition and weight play an important role :

Weight plays a vital role before, after, and during pregnancy. Charder’s MS6111 mother and infant scale delivers outstanding performance and excellent accuracy both before and after the birth of your child. During pregnancy, the scale can be…

  • 15th
  • Oct

HM 200 P Height Measuring Rod

As height of person plays an important role in treatment. Especially BMI, Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculated value which allows you to define how well the mass of the human body corresponds to the height and consequently a degree of over- or underweightness. Using BMI you can try to estimate the risk…

  • 29th
  • Aug

Sartorius Analytical Balance Entris ENTRIS224-1S

The Sartorius Entris224-1S has a maximum weighing capacity of 220 grams and increments in 0.0001 grams graduations (4 decimal places). That is 1/10,000th of a gram or 0.1 milligrams. The Sartorius Entris features a new display overlay, new microprocessor and now is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. The overall operation of…

  • 04th
  • Dec

Hand Held Wireless Tension Link Loadcell

The LTW620 consists of 2 parts. The load cell and a hand held unit. The load cell amplifier is built into the load cell and contains precision circuitry which amplifies and digitizes the load cell signal and then transmits it via a radio signal to the hand held receiver.
The hand held receiver can connect…

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