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Leading Suppliers and Exporters of Intuitive Ultra Precise Weighing Scales , Portable Laboratory Balances , Precision and Analytical Balances , Compact Scales, Counting Scales , Floor Scales , Platforms, Receiving Scales, Label Scales , Medical Scales , Weighing and Measuring stations with BMI , Infantometers , Baby Length Measuring Mats , Stadiometers and Portable Height Measuring devices form part of our comprehensive range.

We offer a range of products and accessories designed to fulfill your individual and corporate requirements.

Our objective : To make the weighing and measuring process noticeably easier with our range of ultra modern scales and innovative balances. From weighing newborns to physically impaired patients our range of products offer features beyond measuring .We stock many different but unique scales, customized to your special requirements with ultra precise weighing technology.

From the column scales line, Seca offers a broad range of highly accurate scales. With Seca column scales, doctors, nurses and aides can concentrate on the essentials – the care and well-being of patients. A column scale from Seca is equipped with impressive, high-precision measuring technology.

So precise! When dealing with precise weighing, there is nothing that needs to be balanced: We show zero tolerance for deviations in the accuracy of the measurement results. 

Our range of ultra precise innovative balances are capable of delivering what you need .

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Exact Measurements.As important in life to the air we breathe.

Measurement. Weight. SOLUTIONS.

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We provide calibration services for a wide range of analytical instrumentation, scales and calibration weights .

Process Calibration

We provide process calibration services such as data acquisition, signal conditioning and calibration services for a wide range of scales and laboratory balances .

On-Site Calibration

Our specialists work closely with your employees to ensure a smooth and trouble free experience. Our teams utilize the most recent efficient technology.


A strong partner – in the time of Covid-19 too

Weighing and measuring solutions from Seca are an important component in healthcare systems and in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Products like the Seca mVSA provide immediate measurements of temperature, oxygenation, blood pressure and heart rate. They are indispensable in triage and monitoring in the emergency room, ambulances, medical practices and hospitals. Height and weight go into the calculations for tidal volume settings and dosages of anesthesia and blood pressure regulating medications administered to ventilated patients in serious and critical conditions. Everyone familiar with Seca knows that that they are a reliable and strong partner. We will remain so, especially in the time of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. We stand by you and support above all the doctors and nurses in hospitals and medical practices around the world with our medical measuring and weighing solutions, our service and our know-how. You can reach us at any time by e-mail, telephone or online conference

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