About Baseline Scales

About Baseline Scales

It is often the little things in life that are of great importance. In everyday practice sometimes a single gram can make all the difference . We strive to partner at your side supplying you with the basis for your work at the highest level: with ultra-precise, timeless modern scales and measuring systems.

As leading marketers and suppliers of some of the world’s most popular weighing and measuring instruments, Baseline Scales has been providing professional and knowledgeable services, together with quality products for a variety of applications in the Southern African market.  Based in Cape Town since the company’s establishment in 2011 and aiming at a geographic market extending into Southern Africa at large, we strive to be the number one supplier of innovative products including a premium range of scales and balances.

Global Brands and Reputation

Baseline Scales supplies a wide variety of products for use in many different areas.  Precision balances, weighing scales, platform scales, counting scales, hanging scales, medical scales, health and fitness scales, and label scales are just some of the instruments supplied to the education, industrial, food preparation, pharmaceutical, scientific, jewelry, and retail sectors, among various other specialty markets.

Among the many reputable international brands offered by Baseline Scales, are leading industry names such as OHaus, A&D Company Ltd., and Seca.

Guaranteed to be reliable, accurate, and cost-effective, as well as compliant with widely-used quality standards such as the ISO 9001:2008 series, and are backed by Baseline Scales’ local customer support team and international warranties.

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With a choice of sizes and combinations, Baseline Scale weights simplify external calibration on precision balances. Weights are packaged in sets or individually, and are crafted of rugged cast iron or highly polished stainless steel.

Manufactured to international standards (OIML)  Calibration weights are available in the following classes: M1, F1, E1 and E2, and in sizes ranging from 1g to 20kg.

We provide several options for M1 class weights, including a choice of cast iron or highly polished stainless steel construction. Class F1, E1 and E2 weights that are fabricated of highly polished stainless steel. All calibration weight sets are packaged in a lined aluminum box, complete with tweezers and white cotton glove.

Baseline Scales also supports the movement for peace in the Middle East through I Stand With Israel: which is an organization that provides aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

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With a comprehensive product range to choose from and a reputation for excellence and professional service, Baseline Scales guarantees efficient, hassle-free business dealings and total customer satisfaction with every purchase.  The company strives to ensure that all clients receive a product that is perfectly suited to their needs, and continues to work hard to remain the number one choice in Southern Africa as a supplier of quality scales and balances.

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Leading Suppliers and Exporters of Intuitive Ultra Precise Weighing Scales , Portable Laboratory Balances , Precision and Analytical Balances , Compact Scales, Counting Scales , Floor Scales , Platforms, Receiving Scales, Label Scales , Medical Scales , Weighing and Measuring stations with BMI , Infantometers , Baby Length Measuring Mats , Stadiometers and Portable Height Measuring devices form part of our comprehensive range.

We offer a range of products and accessories designed to fulfill your individual and corporate requirements.

Our objective : To make the weighing and measuring process noticeably easier with our range of ultra modern scales and innovative balances. From weighing newborns to physically impaired patients our range of products offer features beyond measuring .We stock many different but unique scales, customized to your special requirements with ultra precise weighing technology.

From the column scales line, Seca offers a broad range of highly accurate scales. With Seca column scales, doctors, nurses and aides can concentrate on the essentials – the care and well-being of patients. A column scale from Seca is equipped with impressive, high-precision measuring technology

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Weighing and Measurement
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Weighing and Measurement
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