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The fine art of weighing and measuring. ReDEFINED ReIMAGINED . ReDESIGNED, 

The goal of accomplishing more in fewer steps is as important in weighing and measuring as in other fields. We have come a long way. Founded in 2011 Baseline Scales have become leading suppliers of some of the world’s most innovative weighing and medical measuring devices, Providing professional and knowledgeable services, together with quality products for a variety of applications in the Southern African market, the company is positioned to become the no.1 supplier meeting the demands of the African niche market.

We showcase and distribute some of the world’s most advanced and innovative weighing scales and measuring instruments, Baseline Scales has been providing professional and knowledgeable services, together with top end quality products for a variety of applications in the Southern African market.  Based in Cape Town since the company’s establishment in 2011 with warehousing and distribution options in Johannesburg South Africa our aim is at a geographic market extending into Southern Africa at large, we strive to be the number one supplier of innovative products including a range of intuitive weighing scales , semi micro / micro precision balances and medical measuring devices .


Global Brands and Reputation

Baseline Scales supplies a wide variety of products for use in many different areas.  precision balances, weighing scales, platform scales, counting scales, hanging scales, medical scales, health and fitness scales, innovative height measurement devices and label scales are just some of the instruments supplied to the education, industrial, food preparation, pharmaceutical, medical , scientific, jewelry, and retail sectors, among various other specialty markets.

Among the many reputable international brands offered by Baseline Scales, are leading industry names such as OHaus, Mettler ToledoSeca,Charder A&D Weighing and Adam Equipment .

Whether you need a large-scale or small professional weighing solution within your industry, we are equipped to offer industrial and medical scales in all sizes and formats, terminals and software to control and monitor manufacturing and vital signs processes.


Our mission is to become synonymous with precision and efficiency, by proving that more can be accomplished by taking fewer steps. A strong partner on every court , A line of innovation to measure your world.




Chemical, Food Processing, Agriculture, Cannabis, Medical, Education and Research, Precious Metal and Jewellery, Manufacturing and Industrial, Warehousing and Distribution, Laboratory and Analytical, Banking, In-line Product Inspection, Medical Health and Fitness, Logistics, R&D Laboratory, Packaging, Test Weights and Calibration Services


Our goal is to become the number 1 supplier to the African niche market through providing the world’s most innovative and advanced weighing scales and measuring instruments, professional services and quality products to the South African market. The overall goal is to set the bar for high quality products and exceptional customer care, from South Africa, into the broader African market.

As a leading online e-commerce supplier of scales and weighing equipment, our range extends to the provision of height measuring equipment and baby measuring mats to the medical industry.

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