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The fine art of weighing and measuring . Do more with less.

The goal of accomplishing more in fewer steps is as important in weighing and measuring as in other fields.Founded in 2011 Baseline Scales have become leading suppliers of some of the world’s most innovative weighing and medical measuring devices, Providing professional and knowledgeable services, together with quality products for a variety of applications in the Southern African market, the company is positioned to become the no.1 supplier meeting the demands of the African niche market.

We showcase and distribute some of the world’s most advanced and innovative weighing scales and measuring instruments, Baseline Scales has been providing professional and knowledgeable services, together with top end quality products for a variety of applications in the Southern African market.  Based in Cape Town since the company’s establishment in 2011 with warehousing and distribution options in Johannesburg South Africa our aim is at a geographic market extending into Southern Africa at large, we strive to be the number one supplier of innovative products including a range of intuitive weighing scales , semi micro / micro precision balances and medical measuring devices .

Global Brands and Reputation

Baseline Scales supplies a wide variety of products for use in many different areas.  precision balances, weighing scales, platform scales, counting scales, hanging scales, medical scales, health and fitness scales, innovative height measurement devices and label scales are just some of the instruments supplied to the education, industrial, food preparation, pharmaceutical, medical , scientific, jewelry, and retail sectors, among various other specialty markets.

Among the many reputable international brands offered by Baseline Scales, are leading industry names such as OHaus, Mettler ToledoSeca, A&D Weighing and Adam Equipment .

Our products are guaranteed to be reliable, highly accurate, and durable , as well as compliant with widely-used quality standards such as the ISO 9001:2008 series, and are backed by Baseline Scales’ local customer support team and international warranties.


A&D Company Limited Since its inception in 1977, A&D has successfully grown to become a multi-national manufacturer with factories in Japan, China, Korea and Australia, reflecting the worldwide demand for its cutting-edge products. A&D weighing and medical products are designed and manufactured to meet global requirements tailored to global solutions to ensure economies of scale in production that result in higher quality and superior cost effectiveness. A&D invests heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Newly developed Super Hybrid Sensor ( SHS ) Technology from A&D results in quicker response time , smaller footprint, minimizes maintenance costs and delivers superior consistent results.

a&d super hybrid sensor

With manufacturing facilities around the world ,equipped with the extensive capital equipment needed to minimize manufacturing costs while maintaining quality of the highest standards , committed to certification under IS0 9000 – A&D has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to international needs for innovative and accurate measurement tools. A primary goal is superior customer satisfaction. A&D constantly analyzes market needs around the world to develop a full range of products for business, industry, education and healthcare use.Products are often manufactured with fewer mechanical and electronic parts, ensuring more reliability and easier to repair in the event that service is necessary. Products are designed to be easy to service with no special service tools or equipment required. This means that customers can look forward to years of quality performance from their A&D products with the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.

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OHAUS Corporation manufactures and markets an extensive line of balances and scales that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need. One of the global leaders in the laboratory, education, industrial channels as well as a host of specialty markets, including food preparation, pharmacy, retail and jewelry industries.

seca logo_en

Health with certainty. It is often the little things in life that are of great importance. In everyday medical practice sometimes a single gram can make all the difference in terms of our health. With seca, you have a partner at your side supplying you with the basis for your work at the highest level: with ultra-precise, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. Since 1840 Seca have been paving the way for measuring and weighing, making the brand the worldwide market leader in the field.Visit our dedicated website showcasing the most advanced innovative measuring devices    http://www.swmsa.co.za

METTLER  TOLEDO  one of the leaders in innovation .

Originally known for weighing technologies, today the company is a recognized leader in communications, optics, robotics and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful lab, industrial and retail solutions.

Adam Weighing Equipment

For more than 40 years, Adam Equipment has designed and manufactured precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide in the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, animal/veterinary and jewelry markets. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with best-in-class value. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia and China to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.

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‎Baseline Scales also supports the movement for peace in the Middle East through I Stand With Israel: which is an organization that provides aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

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Supporting Movements against Anti Semitism – SAZF

The South African Zionist Federation is a constituent body of the World Zionist Organisation; and the representative in South Africa of the World Zionist Organisation.
The SAZF looks after matters relating to Israel and its image in South Africa. As advocates for Israel in this country our mission is to build strong support and love for the Land and State of Israel. This support remains powerful among the SA Jewish community, and millions outside the community. We work pro-actively to reduce the amount of anti-Israel sentiment in South African political, religious and cultural communities through education, advocacy and lobbying.

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With a comprehensive product range to choose from and a reputation for excellence and professional service, Baseline Scales guarantees efficient, hassle-free business dealings and total customer satisfaction with every purchase.  The company strives to ensure that all clients receive a product that is perfectly suited to their needs, and continues to work hard to remain the number one choice in Southern Africa as a premium supplier of high quality scales , precision balances and medical measuring systems.

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Weighing and Measurement
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